TV No Power and Cannot Turn On

When your television has no power and cannot turn on, contact us for a diagnosis and repair quote. There are multiple problems which can result in your TV having no power.

Two electronic components, capacitor and fuse, are the usual culprits when there is a “TV no power” or “TV cannot turn on” problem. Read below for an explanation on why these parts may be problematic.

The components used in televisions are extremely sensitive to damage. Even small electrical surges and minor accidental impacts can cause a TV to stop working.

TV Capacitor Repair - TV No Power

Capacitors are an electrical component which stores and dissipates electrical energy. They are necessary inside a television because they slow down the movement of electrical current, dampening the flow of electricity. Without them, the display will be unstable and noisy, and there will be constant buzzing coming from the speakers.

  • There are dozens of capacitors on a television circuit board. One failed capacitor can result in your television not being able to turn on.

  • The common causes of capacitor damage are sudden impacts, high pressure or excessive heat. This is because they can cause the seal in the capacitor to break, resulting in a short circuit.

  • If the television is only a few years old, the capacitor installed during assembly may be bad. Unfortunately, unless your television is still under manufacturer warranty, you will have get a TV Repair Singapore service to replace it.

If you suspect that your television has a capacitor problem, contact us. Our technicians can diagnose the problem on-site at a nominal fee.

TV Fuse Repair - TV No Power

Fuses are a one-time-use component which are designed to protect sensitive electronics from short circuits and electrical surges which result in overcurrent.

When the current is too high, the fuse element melts. This opens the circuit, preventing the flow of electricity from the source to the internal electronics such as the circuit board.

  • To diagnose and repair this TV problem, the TV set has to be removed from its mount, disassembled, and thoroughly inspected.

  • If the fuse is faulty, or its tolerance is too high, the overcurrent may have caused damage to the internal electronics. If this is what happened, the damaged components may also need to be replaced.

  • Some fuses are soldered into the TV circuit board, making the television repair process more difficult. We may have to bring your television back to our service centre for repairs.

If you are looking for TV fuse repair for your television unit, get in touch with us today. We are able to repair most brands and models.

Contact VHF TV Repair Singapore to arrange a diagnosis and repair for your television that cannot turn on or has no power. To arrange an onsite appointment, where our technician will come down to your place to complete the diagnosis and repair (if possible), our transportation fee is $20 (TV Repair Price for Transportation).