Problems That May Have Broke Your Television

What do you do when your TV is telling you there is no signal while the neighbour’s or worse still, the TV in the next room is functioning perfectly? What could be the problem with your TV? Here are a couple of things that could be causing the no signal notice to pop up before you contact a Singapore tv repair service.

The antenna

This usually is the first suspect. When your television cannot get signal from the station, there is a high chance that the antenna is facing the wrong way. Antennas are designed to pick their signal from satellites spread across the world by broad casting stations. For you to get any signal from them, it has to be facing the direction of the satellite. So move it around till you get signal.

The connecting cables

If the connecting cable is not in the right position, then it’s useless. So try unplugging it and plugging it back and see if it will work. If it still is not working, try using the same cable on a different TV, if it doesn’t give good results on that TV, then the cable is the problem. Get a new one.

The socket

This is what joins your TV’s areal to the antenna wiring that goes through the wall all the way to the roof top. If the wire from the TV is not properly insert in the socket, you will not get good signal.

TV settings

One touch of the wrong button on the remote control can cost you good reception. So before calling for help, ensure that your settings are correct. Check the TV settings and make sure all is as should be.

Your TV’s wiring

For you to get your booster on the rooftop you need to have a wiring system that goes all the way up. If you are not getting clear signals, it may be because the wiring is fried. Since you may not have adequate information or skill set to check this out, just have an expert to come and have a look at it.

The TV’s decoder

There is a small chip in your television that decodes the wave signals into the output you now see on your screen. If it is not functioning properly, then your TV looses its ability to interpret the signals received hence the no signal notice.

The switch

Now, same as your TV, if you are using one of those internal aerials, then there could be the possibility that you switched on the TV but forgot the aerial. Clean up and check upJust like any other machine, a TV needs to be checked by an expert every once in a while. You also need to have the dust blown off every coupe of months. Accumulated dust might cause the problem or maybe its just a loose screw that could be taken care of by check up.

If you check for all these and still cannot figure out what in the world is wrong with your reception, call and expert to have a look at it. However, if you realize what the problem is and the solution is not as easy as moving it around or switching it on and off, also call an expert. You don’t want to cause any more damage.