Philips TV Repair Singapore

Hundreds of Singaporeans have repaired their Philips TV at our television service centre since 2006.

There are two reasons why customers choose our Philips TV repair services over the official Philips service centre and other third-party repair companies.

  1. Convenience. You do not have to dismount and carry your heavy television down to our service centre, we will do it for you. And if the problem with your television is minor, we may even be able to repair the Philips TV on the spot, at your place, in one appointment.

  2. Better pricing. If the warranty period on your Philips TV has ended, our repair prices are generally lower than those charged by the Philips repair centre. This is because we are a smaller company with lower overhead costs. For example, our transportation is only $20, while most manufacturer service centres charge around $50.

To book an appointment today or enquire further about our Philips television repair services, please contact our staff through a phone call or our online form.

Philips Brand TV Repair Price

Philips is one of the leading TV brand in Singapore, and one of the largest electronics manufacturer in the world. Their televisions are built with quality parts, and are known for their high contrast and sharp LED and LCD displays. This is why a lot of customers look to repair their Philips televisions instead of buying a new unit.

However, despite the high quality of Philips LED and LCD products, they are still susceptible to damage. Fortunately, we can repair most Philips television models and problems at a reasonable price that is much lower than the cost of buying a new television.

  • We have the lowest transportation and diagnosis price. For $20, we will diagnose the problem with your Philips TV at your home or office, then provide you a no-obligation quotation on the spot.

  • If you proceed with the repair, we will even waive the $20 charge completely. The total repair price will be based on the cost of the Philips TV repair only.

Before arranging an appointment, please call our staff during operating hours and let us know two things. The model of your Philips, and the problem you are facing with the television.

Please also feel free to reach out if you have questions for regarding our Philips TV Repair Singapore service.

Why Philips Television Repair

Unless the latest Philips LED or LCD television has features that are absolutely necessary, or there is major damage to the current television, our customers usually choose to repair.

Our customers also choose to repair because it is the better choice for the environment. Electronic waste from appliances such as Philips televisions has become a large environmental and health problem, especially in developing nations. TVs contain dangerous components and hazardous substances which compromises the health of humans and other living things.