Hi-Fi Repair Singapore, Speaker and Sound System

If you are looking for speaker and Hi-Fi system repair in Singapore, contact VHF today. Our audio technicians are able to repair sound systems from most brands. Contact us now for more information.

Hi-Fi systems and speakers are made of many parts. With normal aging, accidental damage and manufacturer workmanship issues, you may encounter problems with your home Hi-Fi. The two most common problems our company repairs is distorted speaker sound and the inability to turn on.

Some subwoofers and soundbars can also be repaired.

If you would like to first learn more about our speaker and Hi-Fi repair process, continue reading below.

Voice Coil Replacement

The voice coil is a coil of wire. It is attached to the end of the speaker cone, and it creates the movement in the cone of the speaker in the Hi-Fi system. It functions by converting electrical current into a magnetic field, which then reacts with a strong magnet that is affixed to the frame of the speaker.

When the voice coil is damaged, the sound projected from the speaker will be distorted. In this case, you will need a speaker repair service provider in Singapore to remove the damaged voice coil and replace it with a new voice coil that is suitable for the speaker.

The reason a replacement is necessary is because voice coils are usually burnt when they are damaged.

Our company has been providing Hi-Fi repair in Singapore since 2006. Get a quotation for the repair service today, contact our team.

Fuse Replacement

Inside each speaker, there is an electrical fuse. Its purpose is to protect the user and sensitive electrical components from electrical surges and short circuits.

The fuse is one time use. Once it has fused, it has to be replaced with a new fuse of the appropriate capacity. However, this should be done only when the electrical issue that caused the original fuse to blow has been resolved.

If the fuses in your speaker system constantly blows, it may be a symptom of another problem with the speaker. If this is the case, please let our technicians know. We will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your unit.

If you need help with replacing the fuse inside your Hi-Fi system and speaker, contact VHF Hi-Fi Repair Singapore. We can repair large Hi-Fi systems at your property.

Recone Speakers

Reconing is a process where all the moving parts in a speaker system is replaced. This includes the cone, surround, voice coil, gasket, spider and many more.

This is a comprehensive process which takes time to complete, and is pricier compared to basic repair services. However, many customers choose to redone their speakers because after the process is complete, their speakers will sound as good as new.

Please contact our team for more information about Hi-Fi system speak reconing services in Singapore.

Resurround Speakers

Resurrounding is a process where the deteriorated foam surround on the edge of a speaker cone is repaired or replaced. This service ensures optimal audio performance from the speaker, and is recommended for any speakers with aging foam.

Some foam will require resurrounding sooner than others. This is because deterioration is caused by three main factors, environment, usage and quality. Foam tends to degrade faster in environments with higher humidity.

Resurrounding service is important because the foam surround is crucial to the performance of your speaker. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Other Audio Repair Singapore

If you are facing problems with your Hi-Fi Speaker System, contact our audio repair service team. We are happy to discuss the potential causes and provide you a repair estimate if it is possible. You can also arrange to have us take a look at your Hi-Fi system at your home. Our on-site inspection and diagnosis is available at an affordable price.

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