Choosing The Perfect TV In Singapore

Shopping for a television can be overwhelming. There are walls and sets, and just because one looks good in the store, it doesn't mean it will when you get it home. Should you get a plasma or LCD TV? And is internet capability important to you? What about 3D? This is where the following information comes in.


Your first consideration is the size of the TV. If you are shopping for the main television set, you probably don't want to go smaller than 42 inches. And depending on how far back you sit from the TV set, you may want to go much bigger. For example, if you'll be sitting more than eight to 10 feet away from your TV, a 50 or even 55-inch set is a better bet. A common mistake people make is buying a TV that's too small, and they often regret not going with a bigger screen.

Plasma VS LCD

Next you want to think about plasma versus LCD. Both have pros and cons. When it comes to viewing angles, Plasma still has the edge, holding picture quality as you move to the side. On LCD TVs, the picture tends to wash out if you're viewing at an angle.

Room Brightness

You also need to consider how bright the room is. Tests show that different technologies have different strengths and weaknesses. in brighter rooms, some plasmas tend to lose their contrast and look a bit flat, while LCD's tend to hold the picture better. However, in dark rooms, the opposite is true. Plasmas tend to show off their deep black levels, giving you an excellent picture. LCD's reveal their brighter black level resulting in a picture that is not quite as good.

Back light and Local Dimming

Another consideration with an LCD TV is whether to get one with an LED backlight. Tests have found that an LED backlight does not necessarily improve picture quality, but it can get you a slimmer profile and improved energy efficiency. These TVs also come with a feature called local dimming, but tests found it doesn't always give you a better picture. The local dimming feature improves the overall picture quality by providing a deeper black level and improved contrast.

Internet Access

More TVs are coming with internet access but you should be aware that there are big differences. The more advanced Smart TVs will give you a lot more Internet content, but you're going to have to pay more for those TVs. More advanced Smart TVs allows you access to an App Store, which allows you to download more advanced internet features such as games.

3D and Resolution

3D hasn't really taken off. There's a lot of content on Bluray though no not so much on the broadcast. If you're looking for a top performer you may end up with that 3D feature. A high resolution is something else sales people may talk about, 720 P versus 1080P. If you're going for a smaller screen, it will be difficult to see the difference in resolutions.

Once you have figured out what's important to you, you can easily steer yourself right to the top performers. Either that or you can choose to repair your current television set. Click here TV Repair.