Choosing The Right TV Repair in Singapore

About Singapore TV Repair

These days televisions are irreplaceable appliances that lives within our homes, giving us endless variety of entertainment, news and sporting events at the simple touch of a button. However, as it is always there for our viewing pleasure, we often take it for granted, leaving us frustrated when it breaks down from time to time. If that’s what you’re facing, no worries, we’ll go through the factors to look out for when searching for the perfect television repair company in Singapore.

Before I begin, you have to make sure that you properly search for these individuals as top notch technicians may be hard to find. However, our team offers TV repair Singapore as well, so you can contact us to assist you too. Our service is affordable, professional and handled by specialised technicians, each with decades of experience to give you a service you can count on.


When repairing an expensive appliance such as a television, great caution has to be taken to ensure precise and accurate work is done to prevent future reoccurrences of the same issue. All you have to look for is at least a few years of experience in the trade as it is enough time to understand the parts to look out for when handling repair work. This experience gives the technician knowledge that allows him to service your television in a prompt and efficient manner without careless mistakes; saving you plenty of time.

Affordable Rates

There is no accurate way to estimate the charge for a television repair service without first inspecting the appliance in person. Therefore, what you should look for instead is low transport fees of around $15 - $35. This transportation fee covers a technicians time, transport and labour for the inspection of the television, and guarantees that the service is obligation free. After the inspection and quote, if you feel that the price is outside of your budget, then all you have to pay is the transport fee. This saves you a lot of money compared to technicians who hide their fees and bill you after the work is complete.

OEM Parts

It is absolutely critical to find a tv repair Singapore service that utilises OEM and original manufacturer parts to ensure the reliability of repair work. Some technicians cut costs by purchasing cheaper parts at the expense of work quality. Our team utilises parts that goes through quality inspections from trustworthy suppliers. We also offer a full month workmanship warranty to guarantee the lasting effectiveness of our repair service.

These are the main factors you have to look out for when considering a tv repair company. Repairing an appliance is almost always the most cost-effective choice as it is cheaper than purchasing a new one. Just make sure that the entire service is performed by qualified professionals by using the guidelines above and the entire process should be smooth and easy throughout. If you would like to contact our company, you may find our contact details on our contact page.